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Tar And Chip Paving For Your Greater Pocono Driveway

Steam roller smoothing road

As an experienced asphalt Paving Company serving the Greater Pocono area, we offer Tar and Chip Paving solutions to home and business owners. Tar and Chip Paving is a different method of paving and resurfacing than traditional asphalt, and may be the more appropriate and economical solution for you as well.

This method can often be used to cover existing gravel roads instead of the excavating and paving a normal road would require. Our asphalt paving contractors also use this method to resurface existing driveways for home and business owners in Stroudsburg and other areas if the structure is in good shape.

If you're interested in a low-maintenance and cost-effective tar and chip paving solution for your driveway, roads, or parking lot in the Greater Pocono area, call Pennsylvania Asphalt to set up a consultation and competitive quote.

Benefits of Tar and Chip Paving

Sealcoating: Tar and chip paving doesn't need sealcoating over the years. You'll love not having to reseal your new Tar and Chip driveway or road. A standard paved asphalt surface will need asphalt sealcoating reapplied every 5 to 7 years.

Transforms gravel roads to a new, smooth surface: Tar and chip paving can transform your bumpy, dusty gravel road into a new, smooth paved surface. A standard driveway or road will need to be excavated first and a new base properly constructed.

Can often be used to resurface or repave existing driveways: There won't be a need to demolish and remove an old driveway or road before resurfacing or repaving if the structure is in good enough condition.

A more economical solution: Because of the differences mentioned above, it costs less.

This is why most home and business owners in areas like Bangor, Wind Gap, and Stroudsburg choose chip paving.

The surface has more traction than concrete: In cold climates like ours in Pennsylvania, concrete can get really slippery. Slippery concrete is also a problem in wet climates where algae is a problem. A tar and chip driveway or parking lot is rougher and provides more traction to prevent accidents.

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If you need tar and chip paving in the Greater Pocono Area, call 570-213-9075, or complete our online request form.